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Placing Your Order With the Universe

Friday, October 27th, 2006 by Erin Pavlina

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Today, I have another podcast for you, recorded by my lovely wife, Erin. She's going to be talking about a parable that helped her understand the Law of Attraction, and I think this is one that may help you as well. So without further ado, here's Erin:


Hello everyone, it's Erin Pavlina. I wanted to do a podcast on a subject that Steve writes a lot about -- the Law of Attraction -- and I wanted to present it to you in a way that makes the most sense to me, because I know that the Law of Attraction can be a littly tricky to understand, if this is your first or even second exposure to it.

It took me a while to fully understand how the 'Law of Attraction' works, but I finally did get it. To me it's like placing an order with the Universe and then getting yourself ready to receive your order. I liken it to ordering from a fast-food joint. When Steve started blathering on about using an 'intention manifestation approach' to reality, I didn't really grasp the concept right away; but I listened, because I am a dutiful and attentive wife. Then the women in my mastermind group, began prattling on about it too. I pretended I understood what they were talking about, but I just kind of nodded my head along with them.

Then I found myself at the "I can do it" seminar, where Esther Hicks, channeling Abraham, was blathering on about the Law of Attraction too; and how to become a vibrational match for your desires. My brain was overloaded and shut down in protest, but I noticed everyone else in the room, seemed real excited about this concept.

It wasn't until i saw the movie, "The Secret", that I completely grasped the Law of Attraction. Since then I've been successful using the 'Law of Attraction', and 'the Intention Manifestation Law of Reality', to get what I want in life. So today I want to explain the Law of Attraction to you, in terms that make the most sense to me. Like I said,I call it, "placing your order with the universe", because ordering food is something I really understand.

So, sit down, buckle up, spin your chakras, and let's get started.

Imagine you're in a fast food restaurant. You're in line, you're looking at the menu, you're trying to decide what you want. You get to the front of the line, but you're still not sure what you want. The woman behind the counter says, "Hi what can I get you?", and you stand there gaping, because you haven't decided what you want. Before long, she says, "why don;t you come back when you know what you want?", but I'm hungry you protest. She looks around and says, "here's a stalk of celery someone else ordered and left without eating, why don't you eat that?" You accept teh celery and leave the line, dejected and still hungry.

OK, you decide to give it another try, now that you know how it works. You go back to the same restaurant and get in line. This time you scan the menu and decide what you want. You get to the fron of the line and say," Well, that double bacon cheeseburger looks really good in the photo, but it's so unhealthy. So I think I should order the roasted vegetable wrap." The woman behind the counter says, "What do you want Sir?", and you say, "Well, um, er, the roasted cegetable wrap?" While ponting to the picture of the double bacon cheeseburger.

She looks perplexed and tries again. "Just ell me what you really want, and we'll get it for you." You break out into a sweat and you say," Well, can I get the double bacon cheeseburger, but not have it clog my arteries?" She narrows her eyes at you and sighs. You say," OK fine, just give me the artery clogger on a bun, that's what I really want anyway."

She smiles, you pay, you get your food; but you're feeling a lot of guilt and shame, because you know you should have ordered the roasted vegetable wrap. But you just didn't want it, and when push came to shove; you asked for what you really wanted, and you got it!

you go back to the restaurant, you've decided you want the roasted vegetable wrap. You're excited because you've decided you want to be healthy. So you get to the front of the line and the woman says,"What can I get you?" You speak with great confidence. "I want the roasted vegetable wrap, thank you." She smiles at you and rings up your order. You pay, get your receipt, sit down and wait for your order to come. While drumming your fingers on the table, you start to see other people eating double bacon cheeseburgers, and you start to salivate. But, you're resolved, so you keep waiting. After ten minutes your order still hasn't come, you wonder what's up, and cast lingering glances at the kitchen; hoping to figure out where your food is. After another short while you begin to get impatient. You start seing more double bacon cheeseburgers coming out of the kitchen, but no roasted vegetable wrap.

In frustration and disgust, you get up from your seat, and demand that they bring you your wrap right away. a worker tells you it's going to be another few minutes, because they're making you a really good sandwich; and these things take time. You wait a little longer, but finally decide that you've been deceived. There's no sandwich coming, you leave in digust and pick up a burger on your way home.

What you didn't see, because you left too early, was a troupe of workers, bringing out your wrap with fanfare and delight. But upon seeing you gone, they sigh and bring your food back to the kitchen; where they must throw it away. Now you're mad because you've tried really hard to get what you want, and it doesn't seem to be working. You're not at all happy. The next time you go to the fast food restaurant, you pull a gun on the woman behind the counter and say, "I want my vegetable wrap in three minutes, or I start shooting." The woman behind the counter says, "Well you say you want a wrap, but your actions suggest you want to go to jail." She pushes a button, the police arrive and take you to jail; where you're served greasy burgers for a month.

You finally decide you're going to have a roasted vegeatable wrap and nothing is going to stop you. You go back to the restaurant and get in line. When you get to the front the woman behind the counter says cheerfully, "Welcome back Sir, what can I get you?" You say,in the most humble, and sincere manner you can think of, " I would love a roasted vegetable wrap please." She smiles, rings you up, you pay and you get your receipt and sit down. This time you notice other people eating roasted vegetable wraps, and you begin to beleive that your wrap could actually arrive this time. You see other people eating bacon double cheeseburgers, but it just turns your stomache now. You are quite done with that.

You wait patiently, smiling at all the other people eating their wraps. Boy, they look happy with their choice, you think. You imagine eating those crunchy, sweet, healthy vegetable, filling your body with that living energy. You begin to salivate for vegetables, it's a red letter day for you. Finally a young man in an apron comes towards you bearing a try. He says, "Here is your order Sir. Enjoy." You smile and dig in. It's the most wonderful sandwich you've ever tasted. You look forward to ordering it again, the next time you come to this restaurant. You finish your meal and wave good-bye to the woman behind the counter. She smiles, waves back and says, " Thank you Sir, please come again." And you know you will.

So, how do you get what you want from the universe? Here are the simple steps you must remember:

Figure out what you want, before you place your order. The universe can't bring you anything if you don't actually place your order, if you don't know what you want; you're doomed to eat other people's left-overs.

Number two: You get what you really want, not what you say you want. Have you ever had lunch with an overweight person, who goes on and on about how they want to lose weight? But you notice, they're eating a bacon double cheeseburger and fries. The universe knows what they really want, and has no choice but to give it to them.

Number three: Be patient. If you ask for what youwant, and you really want it; trust that the universe will bring it to you. Don't give up right before your wish is granted. Do not confuse patience with hope. When you're patient, it means you're a vibrational match for your desire; and you know it will come. But, when you're in a state of hope, you're telling the universe you don't think you'll get what you want; but you're sure hoping your wrong.

Number four: You ask with actions, not words. When you place your order with the universe, it's watching to see if your words and actions are aligned. Are you saying you want to be healthy while downing doughnuts? Are you saying you want to be wealthy, while spending more money than you make? Are you saying you want to be in a loving, commited relationship, while cheating on your girlfriend?

Your actions speak louder than words. Believe in the power of the universe to grant your wishes. The universe really can bring you what you want. Decide what you want, act like you want it, place your order, get your receipt and then wait patiently for it to arrive. Imagine having it, make your life ready for it; and when it arrives, welcome it with open arms. Nothing tastes as good as getting what you truly desire.

So step right up to the counter of life and place an order for what you really want. You'll get it!