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Creating Abundance

Thursday, November 5th, 2009 by Steve Pavlina

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Hi, this is Steve Pavlina, and today I'm going to talk to you about creating abundance—how to shift away from a scarcity mentality and towards an experience of reality where you're just putting out this constant abundance vibe, and that's what you're getting back, that's what you're experiencing in life. So, not having a situation where you feel like you're lacking the resources you need to experience what you want to experience in life. Having just absolute total abundance of resources in your life, of money flowing through your life, of opportunities, of friendship and connection with other people — whatever you want to experience there, it's absolutely present in your life. And you can just simply tap into it and enjoy it instead of feeling a state of lack, where what you really want is somewhere outside your reality and you're missing out on it.

Now, one of the things people say to me often is, like they'll say, "Okay Steve, it's easy for you to experience this state of abundance. Look, you have lots of money flowing through your life. You have lots of friends, and so on." So for you to say, you know, "Here's how to create an abundance mindset," well, you know, obviously it's happening because you've got money, you've got friends and stuff, you have all these resources. You have business opportunities, and that therefore, of course, you're going to feel abundant!

As if that stuff is what caused my feeling of abundance. And what do I say to those people? I say, "That's the stupidest thing I ever heard! That is exactly the opposite of the truth." In fact, anyone who says that kind of thing is simply giving their power away to circumstances. They're projecting their power outside themselves. They're giving their power away to money, or to relationships, or to opportunities, and they're saying that all those things outside themselves are stronger than they are. And that's a really, really stupid thing to do. That is exactly a thing that arises from the scarcity mindset itself. If you are mired in scarcity, that's how you will think. You will think that money itself, for example, will make you feel more abundant. But is that really true? I mean, think about that for a moment.

What do you think would happen to you if, say, suddenly, out of the blue, your finances improve by a factor of ten. Let's say you have ten times as much money in the bank — all your debt's gone, it's all wiped out — and you have ten times as much income. How would you actually feel?

Well, some people would probably say, "Yeah, I'd love that, I'd feel excited!" But really, I'd say what you'd most likely feel is, you'd probably feel a little anxious and stressed, because you're being taken outside your comfort zone. If you've never had that experience before, it's going to be something new for you, and you're not going to be used to it. And you're going to be thinking things like, 'What happened? How did I get here? How did I reach this point? How do I hold on to it? How do I avoid losing all this money? How do I avoid sinking back to the old place I was?' You're going to be a little nervous. You're going to be a little scared; and even if you got used to it after awhile, it's not going to create an automatic feeling of abundance. You could very easily just raise your expenses up to that level, and be right where you were.

You may have a situation where your wants begin to pull ahead of your ability to fulfill those wants. You just get greedier and greedier, and you're back in your scarcity state again because now you have desires you still can't fulfill. More money's not going to solve the problem, that's certainly not going to solve the problem for me. The truth is, if you want to create an experience of abundance, you can do that no matter where you are financially. It does not matter.

What worked for me... I started on this path when I was deep in debt. About ten years ago, I was one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt, and I was having a negative cash flow. I was about to declare bankruptcy, and I was getting kicked out of my apartment because I couldn't pay the rent. I was broke. I didn't really have any money at the time. I was frustrated, because I had been on this path for years, and was just sinking further and further into debt it wasn't working. I was trying to run a business in a way that was not making any money, and I just got mired in this idea of financial scarcity. There was so much stuff I wanted to experience in life, and it was always like, 'I can't afford it.' It was always outside of my ability to bring it to me, because of the lack of financial resources. I thought it was really lame to be living this way.

One day, I walked down to the beach—I was living in Marina Del Ray California at the time and I just went for a walk on the beach to clear my mind—and I sat down on the beach, near the sound of my computer, and I just looked out at the ocean, and I thought, 'This is kind of nice, this is kind of a beautiful place. The surf is coming in, the waves are crashing against thh sea shore. I'm sitting on the nice warm sand, the sun is shining, there are seagulls flying overhead. There are children playing further down the beach. People are having fun on the Santa Monica pier.'I thought, 'You know, this part of the reality that I'm experiencing is not so bad. I come down to the beach anytime and I can enjoy that, but when I go back and have to deal with my finances, it feels so disempowering.' And I thought, 'Why do I have to let my negative financial situation ruin my entire life? I have so much good stuff going on in my life.' For example, I was doing a lot of distance running at the time and I thought, 'You know, I can do a fifteen mile run, why don't I feel good about that?' Instead of feeling bad about being one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt. To start focusing on the good things in my life. What happened is, I looked out into the ocean and I said, 'You know, this is kind of cool, I get to come to the ocean and enjoy it anytime I want.' and I said, 'At least you're free. At least you, Mr.ocean, don't call me ten times a day saying, "when can you make a payment?"' I started thinking, 'Why am I putting so much energy into the crappiest part of my life? Why am I feeding that, so much time and energy and attention?'

It's not really helping, it wasn't making it better. I thought, why don't I just take my energy and simply withdraw it from that—simply ignore all that negative stuff in my life and just focus on all the stuff I want, all the stuff I want to experience. It was a way of basically saying, 'I'm going to stop feeding my power to all of this negativity. I'm going to stop feeding my power to all the stuff that's outside of my control. I'm going to withdraw the power back into myself and then feed into things I want to experience.'

So, I started focusing on, 'What do I want to experience?' I want to have an experience of just, an abundance of life, I want to experience creativity, and I thought, 'What do I really want to do with my time?' What I really wanted to do was to create a cool computer game that people would enjoy. So I focused my time on doing that. I shifted my energetic frequency that I was putting out in such a way, and I was able to succeed on that path. And a year later, my financial situation was stable, and several years later after that, it was extremely abundant.

It was because I learned to start shifting what I was putting out. Now, what do I mean by the vibration you're putting out? Well, maybe we'll talk about his thing called the abundance mindset, or the scarcity mindset. I think that's a rather misleading way of describing this phenomena, and that's the way I've used it in the past—in casual conversation, when I talk about abundance mindset or scarcity mindset. I know I've written at least one article where I talk about the abundance mindset. It's not so much a mindset, because a mindset makes you think it's something up here in your mind, like a thought process. That's part of it, but that's really the least important part of it. And if you get stuck in thinking, 'I have to think about money in a certain way,'and that will create abundance . It's not going to work, really, you'll just hold yourself back and you'll run yourself in circles for years. Believe me I tried that, OK, it doesn't really work.

Another way of thinking about it, is, in terms of an abundance heart set. It's really more of a feeling than a thought. And a better way of thinking about it than that even is an abundance vibe that you're putting out. Think about—imagine you're going to a party. You're at a party and you're meeting some new people you've never met before, and at that party you get a certain feeling off each person you're connecting with. So you go, 'Oh, OK, over here there's a woman who's very gregarious and fun loving. Oh yeah, I'd love to connect with her, she seems like a lot of fun. I can tell that she's putting out a fun vibe right away. Over here, there's some guy sitting in the corner by himself—he looks a little shy, a little aloof.' You're getting kind of a disconnected, aloof vibe from that guy. 'Over here, Oh my God! that guy looks kind of creepy to me. That doesn't have a good feel to me. I don't think I want to talk to that person.' Do you notice that some people put out vibes that just draw you in, they attract you, and other people put out vibes that kind of repel you?

Really, the vibe that people are putting out is something you can pick out, even at a distance. You can pick it up from your body language, you just pick it up from the energetic signature they're putting out. Now, you yourself are also putting out the energetic signature, your whole being, is—you could say—vibrating or resonating at a certain frequency. Abundance is a different frequency of energy that you're putting out than scarcity. It's a frequency that you create. Anything you do where you're assigning more power to something outside yourself—than within yourself—that's part of the scarcity vibe.

When you withdraw the power into yourself and you maintain the power to create what you want to experience, that's an abundance vibe. Because, now, you have the power to manifest or create, whatever you want; that is abundance. Knowing you can create whatever you want, that is abundance. Feeling you can't create something you want, that's scarcity. So, that power must be withdrawn back into you, to really have an abundance vibe.

How do you do this? How do you do this, how do you create this abundance vibe if you're not already experiencing it? Well, I mean, I give you a little bit of insight into that where you can start focusing on some of things you are grateful for in life. Start focusing your attention on some of the things you want to experience. Withdraw that power away from the negativity and back into yourself, and start putting it back out there again, in a positive form. I'll give you another— a little more formal process—that I use still to this day and it works like a charm. But it's going to be a little difficult to apply, not because it's difficult to actually do—it's very very simple and very very easy to actually do it—but it's difficult to get your mind around the idea, that this is actually how reality works. That reality works in such a way, that we really are, in this matrix of sorts, that's responding to our vibration; that's responding to the energetic signature we're putting out.

When you put out and abundance signature, you're reality will respond by bringing you experiences that match that state of abundance. Like, massive opportunities you know, coming to you in business. Plenty of friendships coming to you, like, all the friends you could possibly have, lots of love coming to you. Lots of joyful experiences, new experiences, growth experiences. How do have money flow into your life? You'll always be able to afford what you want to buy or experience, never having to say, "I can't afford it." That's the type of reality that is manifested, when you put out an abundance vibe consistently, and dominantly. When you put out a scarcity vibe, you get things like, bills that are bigger than your paycheck, and overdue payments, and massive debt that feels very dis empowering to you; because you're just giving your power away to circumstances out of your control. You're making yourself powerless, so reality says, "OK you want to be powerless, I will show you that, you're powerless."That's exactly what happens.

Alright, so here's a process you can use to help yourself shift your vibration. I'm going to explain this in the context of creating abundance, but really you can use this to shift your vibration to any way, shape, or form. What I do is that I just sit down or lay down on my couch, and I'll close my eyes and I'll simply imagine the new reality that I want to experience. If I want to have money flowing to my life, then I'll imagine that. I'll imagine it as real and feeling good to me. I'm already there and I'm seeing it fully associated—so I'm imagining that whatever scene I'm seeing, I'm seeing it through my own eyes. I'm not imaging myself in the scene, and looking at it through a third person perspective. I feel the emotions more strongly, when I'm seeing it through my own eyes.

It's not the visualization that is so important, the visualization is merely a tool to create the vibration, a tool to create that feeling. I have to get in that mindset of asking myself, 'OK, if I was already there, how would I really feel about reality?' So, If I already had massive financial abundance, how would I feel? What is the feeling that would come up in me? So I have to imagine different scenarios. OK, like, I can go shopping. If I have massive amounts of cash in my wallet, I can buy whatever I want. If my bank account is always refilling, even after I spend stuff, what would that feel like? Just like living in my dream home, having any kind of experience never being blocked from me, because I didn't have the money. What would that feel like? Being able to travel wherever I wanted to go on a moment's notice. What would that feel like? Having lots of loving relationships around me, all the friendships I could possibly want to connect with, all the intimate connections around me I want to have in my life. What would that feel like? Having lots of love with other people, lots of caring. What would that feel like, to be there?

For maybe a few minutes during that time that I do it, I'm able to experience what that would feel like. It would feel like, 'Wow', I would feel like, 'I'm so lucky'. How did I get so lucky to have these kinds of experiences. I would wake up feeling so grateful I would go to bed feeling grateful, I might just be so grateful that I would start crying because I was thinking, 'Wow, this is amazing to have this kind of life. I'm so lucky, I'm so fortunate,' so I just kept focusing on that feeling of being so lucky, so fortunate. The first time you do this you may only be able to lock into that emotional signature for maybe thirty seconds or a minute. It might take you awhile to visualize the right way of thinking about, such that you're creating those feelings.

Just keep doing it, again, do it twenty minutes a day, every day. The goal here is to get good at doing it during those twenty minutes, so you really get good at locking on to that emotional feeling. Eventually you will figure something out, you will picture some scene that will make you feel so abundant. For me, it might be just picturing a travel scene, like I'm going on a trip somewhere and can afford any experience I want. Another thing for me I love to picture is intimacy abundance. A wonderful feeling of connectedness with other people in my life. So that, I care about these people in my life, they care about me, we know each other really well. All the walls of social conditioning are dropped between us, so we're like open books to each other, and we just encourage the heck out of each other. Having a number of different friends, where I can have that type connection with them and they can have it with me, and just feeling so loved and supported. And other people that can really love and support you, what they're doing and how they're living their lives as well.

...That sense of feeling just really good about life. Being able to create that feeling. Now, for that twenty minute period, you any be able to experience it for longer and longer periods at a time. You'll get good at it. After a few weeks of doing this, you should get pretty good at it. You should have some of those feeling, or different variations of them—all different little subtle aspects of that vibration you're trying to create—for maybe fifteen out of the twenty minutes. Good. The more you do this, what's going to happen, is you're going to start to feel that vibration coming up elsewhere in your life, like even when you're not doing these little visualization exercises, you're going to start to feel it again, like later in the day you'll go, 'Oh, I'm feeling that abundance state again.' It just gets triggered.

That twenty minutes is really just a practice session, it's a conditioning session. Now, I say twenty minutes minimum, I really think that's about the minimum you want to do. You can do it any time, I'll do it when I'm driving my car, I just think about the feelings, I think about the situations I want to experience and the feelings that arise, and I just allow myself to feel that. Don't play music on the radio. It might be distracting. Just feel it. Just put yourself in that state where you feel it. Or, if you're standing in line somewhere, just feel it. When you get up in the morning, try to create that feeling, right as you're getting up. As soon as you lie down to go to bed, make it a part of you to create the feeling as you're going to sleep. Whatever feeling you want to shift into, create it right as you're going to bed. So, I would just do that, the more often you can do this, the better. Sometimes I'll just set aside an hour or an hour and a half, just to lie down on a bed and think about what I want to experience in life, and to create these feelings of abundance.

Now, you do this, and what will happen is—like I said, these feeling will begin to infect more and more of your daily life—pretty soon, after a period of several weeks, maybe a few months, depending on how much you practice this, and how much the feeling is spreading throughout your life; and also how much you have in your life that's working against this feeling. Eventually you reach the point, where it's like, more than half the time you're feeling these feelings, where it's getting stronger and stronger, where it's becoming a part of you. You're shifting your dominant vibration. Initially these twenty minutes are just a small slice of your vibration, it's not going to have that much of an impact. The real goal here is to shift your dominant vibration. The goal here is to go through most of the day feeling abundant. The way I'm behaving now, this is how I feel normally, this is the way I wake up feeling, this is the how I go to bed feeling, this is how I often feel when I'm with my friend. I just feel happy. I feel excited about life, I feel passionate, because I am experiencing so much of what I want. The life I'm creating is within my power to manifest.

So I don't feel like there's stuff out there that's frustrating me because I can't create. I just know I can create it. So, getting to that place, where that becomes your default state of being, that is the goal here for doing these exercises. Now, many people come to me and they say to me, "Steve, I try and apply these law of attraction ideas, I'm doing affirmations, and I'm reading my goals each, and I just can't seem to manifest anything. It doesn't seem to be working for me, I think the law of attraction may not really be true."

I just look at the person, and I'm like, "You know, what are you trying to manifest?" "Well, I'm trying to manifest a really, a life of passion and excitement, of total abundance. I want to have all that in my life." I'm looking at this person saying, this person is exuding exactly the opposite vibe. You're exuding kind of this disconnected, boredom, apathy state, with me; or at least a low level of contentment. That's not what abundance feels like, that's not what passion feels like. Where's the feeling? if the feeling isn't there, it's not going to manifest. The vibe has to be being put out by that person. I have to explain to these people, it's not just about reading affirmations. For the most part, I think reading affirmations is a waste of time, I don't even bother with that. Unless, some how that works for you, reading affirmations in a really passionate state, helps you get really worked up and helps you to create that feeling. This whole twenty minute visualization I gave you, that's just one of many ways you can use to create that feeling.

Some people do it by shifting their physiology, like, standing a certain way, breathing a certain way. I find that that works for some things, but it can be kind of limiting. How would I stand if I was feeling abundant? I don't normally associate a certain body language with that. The truth is, I don't think the body language matters all that much; at least in my experience it hasn't. I think that body language is more of an effect. and to focus too much on the cause, as a cause, makes it more difficult to manifest abundance, because you would have to have your body in that state more and more each day. You would be focusing on getting your body to that state each day. I think it's a little easier to focus on the thought, because they will arise naturally; it's easier to do that when you're just sitting in your car thinking about it. To give rise to the feeling, but if the body language stuff works for you, if like standing a certain way and focusing in that way several times a day works for you, by all means use it.

The real idea here, is that you need to do whatever it takes to create that vibration, and to make it a dominant part of your daily reality. Now, what's going to happen next? Once you start getting this vibration, and it starts becoming more and more dominant—gradually, because it's not necessarily going to be an abrupt thing—the more you shift into that new vibration, the more you start putting out a different vibe, the more things in your external reality, the matrix of reality around you, are going to begin to change. There going to change in two primary ways, initially.

First of all, you're going to start feeling more and more of a disconnect with the things in your reality—the people, the places, possibly the job you have, the experiences you've been used to, and feeling more of a disconnect with those parts of reality that do not resonate with the new vibration you're trying to create. So, if you're trying to create an experience of abundance, anything that keeps knocking you back into a scarcity state, scarcity vibration, you're just going to get more and more frustrated with it, and you're going to feel more and more disconnected with it. Certain people in your life you might feel more and more disconnected from, and that's normal. That's supposed to happen, on the other hand new things are going to start arriving in your life. New opportunities, new people, new experiences, are going to start showing up in your life that are not congruent with your old vibration, but they are congruent with the new one you are creating. So, if you're focusing on financial abundance, a new business opportunity may show up; and at your old state of scarcity thinking, it would never come to you, or you would never recognize it you would never capitalize on it. Now it shows up and it's a match for your new state of abundance.Now, here's the tricky part. This part you may not want to hear, but I assure you it's true.

The next step, OK, the first step you have to go through is creating that new vibration— but that's not enough, that is not enough by itself. If that's all you do, you will never get there. The second key element, is that in order to fully shift your reality—now, not just your internal vibration that you're putting out but actually allow the reality around you to shift—you're going to have to exercise courage, no matter what, I guarantee you will have to exercise courage. There is no way to shift into that new reality, without doing something brave, without doing something that gives you a little bit of fear at least; maybe a lot of fear, depending on how big a shift you're trying to make. Disconnecting with your old relationships and anything you're connected to in your old reality is going to take courage. Being able to connect with the things in your new reality is going to take courage.

Think of it like this: you are in a certain comfort zone right now, and your comfort zone is simply what you're experiencing, assuming you've been experiencing things in your life for a certain length of time—certain relationships, career, certain financial situation you've gotten used to it. You're comfortable with it. Even if it may not be something you want, it's within your comfort zone; it's a familiar experience. If you want to shift over to a new place of being, that is a new vibration. It's a new reality, it's a new experience and therefore is outside your comfort zone. You're not going to be comfortable with it. So, when these things start to show up in your life, they're going to give you a feeling of discomfort, which you may interpret as fear. You may be scared to take advantage of some of these opportunities.

When I was shifting my vibrations financially, I would get some business deals that would show up and they would be bigger than anything I'd ever done before, and they would make me little nervous. But, if I get nervous, I'm shifting my vibration back into scarcity. So I have to back and think, 'OK, what's this abundance mindset?' Well, that's going to include some confidence, so I have to put myself back there and I have to exercise the courage to take advantage of those deals that came to me. On the other side, I have to exercise courage to disconnect from all the stuff in my life that doesn't resonate with my new vibration of abundance I'm trying to create.

You do have to take action here, that's where the action comes in—being able to summon the courage to really follow your heart. When you've created this heartset, this new vibration, you've got to follow it now, you have to let it lead you, you have to honour it. If you keep going back to the old vibration, you're simply going to block what manifests. The manifestations are going to start showing up, they're going to come in a way that's going to make you uncomfortable. That's where you have to just say, 'Alright, I know courage is required, I just have to be brave, and I've got to do it. I've got to let go of the old, and I've got to start embracing the new'

For example, this year, I decided to focus on creating intimacy abundance in my life. Now, what I mean by that is, for many years of my life—my adult life—I had a very deep, intimate connection with just one woman. That was like, my intimacy part of my life. This one marriage, one relationship where we were just very deep, very connected here. As I started thinking more about this abundance mindset, I felt a little bit out of match with this. It didn't feel like a good fit for me anymore, because I felt like, you know, I'm trying to get all of my experiences of love from one just one person, and that's not what I'm feeling anymore. So, I started shifting to this vibration of wanting to be, like, surrounded by a radial field of love just all around me. Wanting to have these loving, deep intimate connections with lot's of people —maybe not a huge number, let's say at least like half a dozen really close intimate friends, where I can talk to them about anything, they can talk to me about anything. We care about each other very deeply, we encourage the heck out of each other, we inspire each other—wanting to have those kinds of connections.

Then I also had this sense, that you know, if I was connecting that deeply with a woman—this is what happened with my wife, when I first met her, I connected with her very deeply emotionally, and then it became a physically intimate relationship as well—I thought, what would that feel like to have multiple emotionally, intimate connections, but also the possibility that there be multiple physically intimate connections, connected with that emotionally intimacy as well? I thought, 'Does that feel good? Does that feel like something I want to step into? Does that feel like a vibration I want to experience?' So, I just imagined it. 'What would that be like?' As imagined it, I thought, 'You know, that feels so good to me, that feels so much better than what I'm experiencing right now. This one intimate connection, physically and emotionally, I would feel really good in that place.' I couldn't help but just keep thinking about it, and imagining it and how good it felt. So, I started shifting into that vibration, and then new experiences started coming to me.

I was like, 'Oh, wait a minute, I can't do that with you, I'm married.' I would block them. I kept blocking and blocking and blocking them. I'm like, 'Whoa' I still kept focusing on my vibration, so these things kept showing up. Then I started on the other side, feeling more and more of a disconnect with my wife. Our intimate connection was no longer satisfying to me. Why? Because I was shifting my vibration out of this intimacy model, based on a just a single, committed, monogamous relationship; and I wanted to have this field of loving relationships around me. That's what I was moving into—manifesting. But as it started showing up, I started blocking it. Well, eventually I realized what I was doing, and I thought, 'You know, I do want to step into this vibration. I do want to allow my reality to be congruent with the person I'm becoming on the inside.'

That took a lot of courage. I had to start doing things that were very much outside my comfort zone. This was not anything I had ever experienced before. Long story short, over the past year, just all kinds of experiences came to me, and I just had to really push myself, to keep saying yes to this kind of stuff. But I felt it always was like a breakthrough for me when I said yes. Other people would say to me, "Steve, I can't believe you just said that, I can't believe you did that. I can't believe you had the courage to do that, I wouldn't be able to do that." I realized that courage is essential, otherwise I'm always going to end up blocking myself from that vibration.

Long story short, over the past say ten or so months, I gradually shifted more and more to that vibration, and now I feel like I'm really there in my life. It had massive consequences for my life. It led to my wife and I separating a couple of weeks ago, and now we're in the process of getting a divorce. Even though I'm going through a divorce, I'm feeling good about it. I'm not giving my power to it, it's not disempowering to me. I don't feel bad about it, because I know the new vibration I'm shifting into is the right one for me.This new reality I want to experience is one of even greater abundance than before, and the truth is, in my relationship with my wife, we became so intimate with each other, but there was no intensity to it. It's like we became so close, we were more like brother and sister with each other. It was just an experience than what I was really feeling called to. My heart was calling me in a different direction.

We talked about it, we agreed that this was—that having the structure of a marriage around our relationship—was not working for us. So, we decided to let that go, so we can maintain a relationship that was deep, and intimate in friendship, being a big part of that, but it wasn't something that we were using to block ourselves from experiencing other things. The truth is, that because I was becoming a vibrational mat for something new, my wife was as well. She was shifting in a new direction herself.

So, it's interesting that by clinging to each other too much, too tightly, we were just blocking ourselves from both manifesting what we really wanted. Now, that trapped energy is freed up, and we've let go in that area a little bit. We're both heading off in different directions. She's manifesting different things for herself, and I'm manifesting new things for myself. But, yet, we're still really good, really close friends and we still have this sense of intimacy in our lives.

Now, for somebody else looking in with a totally different mindset, they see our situation as all screwed up, or that it's riddled with pain, or with negative feelings—like we should be fighting or something, and it's absolutely the opposite of that. We are really, generally still great friends, it's just that we've both shifted our vibration in a different way, that we want to experience a different kind of abundance in our lives. It's not necessarily that we're experiencing the exact same thing, it's just that, by clinging to each other too tightly, by clinging to something familiar, by holding ourselves to our comfort zone, we were blocking ourselves from manifesting what we wanted. We both had to express and exhibit a lot of courage, to let go of the old and to embrace the new.

This is huge part of manifesting, if you want to manifest what you want in any area of your life, courage is essential. You will not get there if you are blocking yourself from doing anything courageous, you will have to start embracing that stuff, that is coming to you from outside your comfort zone. You will have to start saying yes to it. Now, my experience is that if you really are getting that new vibration, and that stuff starts showing up, and you say yes to it—I'm hard pressed to think of a time when it did not work out. It just seems like it always works out. I don't want to use the word always, but I really can't think of a time where I was really holding that new vibration, and something showed up, and I said yes to it and it did not work out. I'll tell you what happens though, is when stuff that's a match for my old vibration, and I said yes to it, that's where I start having stuff not work out. That's when I go, 'Oh man, why did I do that business deal? I shouldn't have done that, it wasn't a great deal.' It's because I got sucked back into my old pattern.

When I'm really a match for the new vibration, and I exercise courage to really take advantage of the new opportunities that are showing up—whatever form they're coming to me—I could see, like, 'Oh, this is the match to my new vibration. It's going to stretch me beyond my comfort zone, it's in line with what I want to experience, and I have to step into that state even more, to accept it, to embrace it, to receive it.' That's the stuff that just seems to always work out. That's where, like the money just keeps flowing, and the relationships become very deep, very intimate, very quickly and you feel happy. It's not that the reality around it is going to make you feel in a certain way, but it will reinforce your vibration, it will be a match for it. There will be this kind of congruent play back and forth, between the vibration you're putting out, and what your reality is sending back to you. I love the state of my life right now, because I really feel like I walked into this intimacy abundance state, and now I just have people connecting with me, and we'll create an intimacy experience fairly quickly.

Even just online, wow, I can't believe somebody just sent me this email out of the blue, and this is what they're telling me right off the bat? You know, and I write back, and you know; maybe we do a phone call later. And I already feel like this person is already, really good friends with me. I can just talk to her or him about, just about anything. It's very strange, how different that is, from the old vibration, where I would block all those kinds of connections.

So, you have your two steps here. One: you can use some kind of visualization process —or really any process that works for you—to start shifting your dominant vibe that you're putting out, to one of abundance or to one of what you want to experience. Where you're really feeling it, like it's already there, you're feeling it so real, that it feels like it should be showing up in your reality at any time now. That's the first part.

Second part is, when things really start to manifest, and you start to feel out of sync with old parts of your reality and beginning to fall into sync with new things that are showing up from outside of your comfort zone, you have to exhibit courage. You have to say yes to it, you have to summon the courage to say yes. If you go all cowardly on it, you're going to shift back to your old vibration. Courage is essential, you must do that.

Now, existing and living in that state of abundance I'll tell you, it's a wonderful place to be. You'll love it. You will absolutely love. You will not regret it. Now, yes, you will have to go through this courage process again and again to get there, to really allow those manifestations to happen, to experience what you want to experience. I wish I could offer you an easier way, but that is essential. That will let you step into that place even more, because the truth is, when you are in a state of abundance there's nothing to fear. You know that fear is an illusion, and you see through the fear. If you are feeding your fear, you're giving your power away again, and that's a part of the scarcity vibration.

The abundance vibration is fearless, because there's nothing to fear, because you know anything you want experience in life you can create it. If you have an experience you don't want to have, you can create something different. You can replace it, so knowing and holding that power in yourself, knowing that all that power is in you to create, knowing that you are the creator of your experience, that is part of the abundance mindset. That is a mindset, or I should say a heartset, or a vibration of fearlessness, that you really want to reach the point. That you are relating to your reality, no longer on the basis of fear, but just on the basis of, like, 'I'm the creator of this place, I'm the creator of my experience,'and therefore you couldn't possibly have anything to fear. It's all your creation, and you're just hear to experience, and to enjoy it, and to continue to allow your creative energies to flow.

Until next time, live consciously.

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